The Pleasure in Photography

Photography has gained popularity in the current world. With the advancement in technology, taking pictures has become an interest to the lives of folks. With the increase in social media sites, people are communicating every day exchanging moments and good memories with friends all over the world through pictures. Everybody loves taking pictures; it is the art of taking photographs that is making people fall in love with photography.

Photography is an art that has resulted from putting together several technologies. The word photography is derived from two French words, (phos) meaning light and (graphe), representing by means of lines or drawing. Together, the word means drawing with the use of light.

In photography you take pictures that vary across the planet. You can take pictures of people. People always want to remember important occasions in life such as birthdays, baby shower occasions, graduation ceremonies and parties, weddings, burial among others. Pictures always remind us of our past creating vivid images in our brains. People take photos of nature. This includes green gardens, hills and mountains, waterfalls, springs, deserts, rocks and so on. By seeing these pictures, you get to appreciate nature enjoying what nature offers you.

Apart from these, people take pictures of animals. You all love your pets. Seeing kittens play, dog barking, penguins kissing, monkeys feeding their young ones is interesting and fun. Capturing images of such animals create images that are fun staring at. You take photographs any day, anywhere, anytime provided you have a camera. Know more facts about photography at

Photography by portrait photographers has a lot of advantages. Taking picture is one of the incomes earning business. While capturing images in parks and events, you earn money. This has become a source of employment especially to job seeking youths in the modern world. Taking pictures preserve memories and history of your dear ones. Viewing the pictures later in life creates attachment and remembrance. In photography, you capture emotions and moments. Certain moments happen once in a lifetime for instance in the case of proposing to a partner, the reaction of a partner is unique and it is hard to bring back such a moment. With pictures, you clearly remember such instances and sensations.

Photography is a patchwork that tells a story. Ancient pictures that we see in galleries and monuments tell stories that were happening in the historical time. You get to see the beauty in you by looking at your photo. Taking family photo shoot photographs enables you to see your representation; this creates a sense of self-love and acceptance. To conclude, pictures make our life interesting. We enjoy being taken photos, taking photos and sharing photos in the social media. Taking photos of adventures and doing what you love with passion and interest creates a world that is merry.